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Your partner for surface treatments

multiple finishes – a unique result

Koverlux is a leader in surface finishing for the fashion and accessories business, the only company capable to apply multiple finishes to a single object. One reference party
capable to guarantee and monitor individual manufacturing processes to provide unique solutions in support to the style office.
Established in 2001 as a comprehensive laser service centre (engraving – cutting – use of a broad variety of sources) and now an undisputed leader on the reference market, Koverlux introduced over time several surface finishing services integrating its offering, which brought about a substantial change in the company’s identity – from a mere “process executor” to a true style/production partner for its customers.

exclusive finishes – italian quality

First established in 2001 near Bergamo with the name Centrolaser, Koverlux finishes objects made of a broad variety of materials (metal, plastics, leather, paper, wood, other natural materials) using different technologies, including engraving, laser marking and cutting, enamelling, milling, and digital printing.

Koverlux owns a 3,000 sq. m. facility with several systems and a large and modern equipment base. While the company is a market leader in the fashion and apparel business, it also operates successfully on other markets, such as fashion accessories, costume jewellery, beauty product, furnishing items, mechanics, fancy goods, gadgets, metal accessories, industrial sales.