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plants and processes
Industrial tradition aimed at creating high quality products for the luxury fashion sector.
quality and development

More efficient and continuously improving industrial production processes.
Automatic systems built in full respect and protection of the environment.
Constantly expanding technical and quality offices with a new area dedicated to meeting rooms and new workstations.
New production wing connected to the central body of the company by a tunnel made entirely of glass for greater speed and efficiency in logistics.
An important research and development laboratory.
An effective organizational model made up of constantly increasing personnel which now has over 100 employees.
A production of over 300 million pieces in the last year.
… are just some of the key aspects of Koverlux’s success.

The varnishing system

With a view to competitiveness and reduced environmental impact, the painting plant was recently expanded. A cutting-edge system stressing the importance that the company attaches to investing in next-generation technologies and equipment to remain highly competitive, while ensuring a reduced environmental impact. More specifically, the fully pressurized 1500 sq. m. system is equipped with robot-controlled water film spray booths and free-hand varnishing booths, as well as with pits for frame varnishing of three-dimensional objects.
Solvent disposal is achieved by means of a specific post-combustion chamber.