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Responsible, transparent behavior that complies with economic, social, environmental and safety expectations.
Corporate social

Koverlux believes that adopting a responsible, transparent behaviour, in accordance with the economic, social, and safety expectations of all its stakeholders, allows to achieve a competitive advantage, as well as to strengthen the company’s image and to clearly convey reliability and trustworthiness. Our ethical commitment is conveyed through our operation: the company’s conduct is, in fact, inspired by the principles of fairness and integrity, offering highly innovative and technological services, but always with a focus on people’s wellbeing.

environmental protection and

Koverlux today more than ever is sensitive to respecting people’s health and protecting the environment through adequate waste management as well as periodic specific checks on atmospheric emissions.
Activities with respect to customers, suppliers, and the market are respectful of the principles offairness and good faith: the belief that high-quality products must be provided, alongside a focus on all less tangible, but equally crucial and mandatory components, is at the heart of the daily work of Koverlux. Therefore, ethical management is key for the company and is conveyed through compliance with the rules and regulations in force on environmental protection, prevention, and safety and health assurance in work places; compliance with the principles of fair competition; transparent and clear business negotiations; utmost reliability and fairness in customer and supplier relations,so that the work place may promote mutual collaboration.