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Through its ability in applying a variety of surface treatments to the same object, Koverlux is a leader in terms of creativity and ability to assist the customer’s style office in finish design, as well as in subsequent manufacturing steps.
towards excellence
in the fashion and luxury sector

Koverlux is one of the very few excellences on the national scene able to manage, within its operational perimeter, multiple finishes on a single object. A single contact person capable of guaranteeing and controlling the various production processes to provide exclusive solutions to support the style office.
The company has a factory of about 3000 square meters with various systems and a large and modern fleet of machines. Koverlux is a market leader in the fashion clothing sector, but is also successfully present in other markets such as fashion accessories, costume jewelery, cosmetics, furnishing accessories, mechanics, objects, advertising gadgets, small parts, industrial gaskets.

IN CONSTANT GROWTH AIMING at raising the company level

Established in 2001 as a 360-degree laser service center and become the absolute leader in its reference market, Koverlux has integrated over the years a series of surface finishing services that have contributed to the completion of the offer, determining a substantial change in identity. of the company that has gone from executing work to a true stylistic and production partner of its customers. From 2020 it joins the XPP Seven Group, today MinervaHub, the first reality of Italian companies in the fashion sector specialized in finishes and materials for luxury products, evolving from a family-run business to a managerial reality thanks to the energy and determination of the brothers Giuseppe and Luca Cerea.