A new Dual Apprenticeship project dedicated to young people between 18 and 25 is underway

Koverlux invests in the future and focuses on young people with a new project aimed at those who want to specialize in the Made in Italy product and process industry in the fashion sector.

The initiative is aimed at all young people between 18 and 25 years old, who through the first level apprenticeship employment contract will have the opportunity to obtain the title in “PRODUCT AND PROCESS INDUSTRIALIZATION TECHNICIAN“.
The course aims to provide participants with specific skills in manufacturing / artisanal product manufacturing and production, characterized by a high degree of customization, without excluding computer-controlled processing, in the automation and digitization of production processes. The preparation provided in the production field will allow you to manage machines and plants, too
automated, of specific processing phases.
The prerequisites to participate are a high school diploma or a technical diploma (IV year IeFP) and to be hired as an apprenticeship art. 43 by ALI S.p.A for the entire period of the course and up to the completion of the exam with an age not exceeding 25 years.
The course will be held by teachers with specific skills acquired in the business environment and reserved for ten participants.
Where: Koverlux srl, Via delle Marine, 13, 24064 Grumello del Monte BG