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The Company

Koverlux turns twenty.
First established in 2001 near Bergamo with the name Centrolaser, Koverlux finishes objects made of a broad variety of materials (metal, plastics, leather, paper, wood, other natural materials) using different technologies, including varnishing, engraving, laser marking and cutting, enamelling, milling, and digital printing.

Recent milestones include the opening in 2020 of the first hub in Scandicci, Tuscany. A new branch in the area to support commercial activities in the leather and footwear district.

The company is characterized by utmost operational flexibility, as well as by a lean and efficient organization, thus ensuring clear and focused answers to customers alongside full and maximum reliability.
Koverlux believes that adopting a responsible, transparent behaviour, allows to achieve a competitive advantage, as well as to strengthen the company’s image.
State-of-the-art systems that underline how important it is for the company to invest in latest generation technology and machinery to maintain a high level of competitiveness and a reduced environmental impact.