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KOVERLUX S.R.L. undertakes to operate in an ethical and responsible manner and asks the people who are part of it and its consultants and collaborators to operate in compliance with laws and regulations, provisions of the authorities, Organizational Model 231, Company Policies and Procedures.

KOVERLUX S.R.L. strongly encourages its stakeholders to report any incorrect, dishonest or potentially illegal activity – potential, highly probable or already committed – as well as behavior that may cause damage or prejudice, including to its image, to the Company. To this end, KOVERLUX S.R.L. has activated channels that guarantee the confidentiality of the identity of the reporter, of the people involved, as well as of the content of the report and the related documentation in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 24/2023.

The operational procedure illustrates the methods and steps for the transmission, reception and analysis of reports, in compliance with the legislation and guidelines in force on the subject.

Read the Whistleblowing Procedure: